lördag, oktober 21, 2006

Den är färdig!! / It´s finished!!

Min Eris är äntligen färdig!!!
Den är lite hmmmm ovanlig....
Dels är raglanärmarna något ovanligt
för mej och dels är halsen lite vid...
Men annars var den rolig att sticka.
Fast jag föredrar nog Rogue i alla fall.
Den använder jag jämt!
Ska nog ge mej på att sticka en till
Rogue så småningom ;)

My Eris i finally finished!!
It´s a bit hmmmm unusual....
The raglansleeves and the wide
collar is a bit strange to me....
I think I have to get used to it
before I can fully appreciate it.
But it sure was fun knitting.
Though I prefere Rouge I think...
That one I always use!
And I think I´ll knit another one
later this winter... ;)

3 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Hallo Maggan! The sweater looks great! Congratulations. I am knitting socks now, more and more socks. Me and Ela spent time together and we knit socks for all our family and to some friends too. It is very funny because all socks are alike. Montain of socks hehehehehe

Rebecca sa...

Oh, Eris came out nice! I have to agree that Rogue is such a useful sweater, I love mine and I knit it in thick yarn so it is great for chilly days (suddenly it got cold here yesterday).

Anonym sa...

Your Eris looks great Maggan! The colour is very good too and looks so nice on you. Just fantastic!
I think it is more difficult to begin with the V-neck collar to bottom than from bottom to v-neck.
I am still in the knitting mostly socks and am so impressed with the sweater you made. Maybe on the weekend I start my sweater... Hugs!