onsdag, februari 21, 2007

Metallica is coming!!!

Metallica kommer och spelar i
Sverige i sommar!!
12 juli på Stadion.
Jag vill ha biljett!!!

Metallica is coming
for a concert in Sweden
this summer!
The 12th of July.
I want an ticket!!!

3 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Oh. My. Gosh. Metallica are the best, the absolutely best! They'll be playing one show in Austria this year, in July to be exact, but only in Vienna which is quite a distance from here! But, like you, I *sooo* want a ticket! I need to see them live... again, as I've seen them, like, 5 times in the late 80's/early 90's, and they've always put on such a hell of a show! Wouldn't it be great if the both of us could go and see them together?

ala.mazury sa...

Metallica!! I want TWO tickets on their coccert!I love Metallica! They are one of my favorites. Their music is so good they should have their own music genre.

♥ cloudberrie ♥ sa...

Jag såg oxå det och biljetterna släpps på måndag. Jag är i valet och kvalet om jag ska gå... Dom är ju bra men inte mina allra största favoriter. Sen funderar jag om det är gamla Metallica eller har de någon ny uppsättning?
Trevlig helg!
Kram från Eva