tisdag, november 21, 2006

You know you knit to much when.....

You Know You Knit Too Much When ...

You feel yarn is all the fiber your body needs

You're unable to form a close relationship with anyone who doesn't knit

You suddenly cancel a much-anticipated blind date to finish a sweater

You pass out "learn-to-knit" kits at your best friend's bacholorette party

You take your knitting to a New Year's Eve party

You knit "His and Hers" dish towels for a wedding present

You've learned to mall walk and knit at the same time

You camp out in front of your favorite yarn shop to be the first person
at the semiannual sale

Close friends and relatives have started avoiding you

You break open your child's piggy bank to buy yarn

You feel a need to hide the yarn you just purchased

Your monthly budget shows you spend

more on yarn than grocery for your family of five

You keep forgetting to pick up the kids from school

You break up with your boyfriend
because he admires the scarf your girlfriend knitted

The grand opening of a yarn store is your idea of a social event

You've just received an invitation by
express mail to join a knitters' anonymous group

Your kids have started cooking dinner every night

You and your cat have matching sweaters

You don't have a cat, but you and your neighbor's cat have matching sweaters

You've purchased a headset for your
phone just so you can knit and talk at the same time

You knit during intermission at a stage play

You feel honored when people refer to you as a (k)nit-wit

A sign that reads "Yarn Sale" causes you to make a sudden U-turn and
reschedule your annual physical

Your favorite book is "Not Tonight Darling, I'm Knitting" by Betty Hosegood

You feel lost, lonely and a bit disoriented without your knitting bag

The yarn you purchased yesterday
and put in the family room has somehow disappeared

Everyone on your Christmas list tells you they're allergic to wool

Your idea of four letter words are:
yarn, sale, knit, wool, purl, rows, spin, sock, foot, easy, silk, felt, make, cast,
full, gram, slip, inch, hook, knot, work, shop, pins, hats, neck, cuff, book, tips,
loop, ball, slub, mark, club, soft, cozy, left, gift, size and back.

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Anonym sa...

Hallo Maggan! Heheheehe I read your post and... I am pretty sure that I AM addicted to knitting in that I *need* it to relax. think I am addicted to knitting, and not just knitting itself, but also knitting literature, yarn shopping, and other knitting-related activity. Knitting is just fun:o)). Big hugs!