söndag, april 01, 2007

Bilder / Pictures!

Här kommer lite bilder från Trädgårdsmässan
och lite annat som jag gjort i helgen.
Klicka på bilderna så får du se dom större...

Here are some pictures from the Garden exhibition
and some other things that happend this
weekend. Click on the pictures to see them better...

Ett växthus i gammal stil / A vintage greenhouse

Wij trädgårdars monter/ A park called Wij´s showcase

Ett påskarrangemang / An easter arrangement

Shabby chic saker till trädgården/
Shabby chic items for your garden (wich I love!!)

En balkong som Rosendals trg gjort/
An balcony made by Rosendals garden

En annan balkong... / Another balcony

ICA-kurirens balkong (Martinas favorit!)/
An balcony made by an swedish magazine
(my daughters favorite...)

Min favoritbalkong! / My favourite balcony!

Skoklosters slott (tog en promenad dit i lördags)
Skokloster castle, one of Europe´s finest baroque castles
took a walk there on saturday.

Underbara blåsippor!! / Lovely hepaticas!!

Och här några rosa blåsippor (!!)
And here some pink hepaticas!

Var ute på landet idag där det växer tokmycket mistel!
Went out to the cabin today where it grows
a lot of mistletoe...

Och en bild på blommande hassel!
And an picture of flowering hazel!

5 kommentarer:

Dipsy sa...

Thank you so much for sharing these most beautiful photos! The garden exhibition must have been so interesting, and I really adore your spring pics - I can't get enough of them these days! ;)

Piglottie sa...

Lovely pictures Maggan - the exhibition must have been great. I adore the flowering hazel - hazel trees are one of my favourites (especially the Contorted Hazel - Corylus Avellana Contorta)

gilraen sa...

Wonderful Maggan, the balconies look fabulous!! I agree with your choice, :)

Monique sa...

Hey Maggan, I hope you're OK, but seeying all the posts I believe you are having a ball. Congrats on your hockey team, way to go !!!
I love the pictures of the garden exposition. Your fav balcony is mine too. I also like the one with the pink-purple back wall. That is very different.
Have a great day !!!

imbi sa...

What a wondeful pictures!
How nice to be there and able to walk there.

Have a great easterweekend.