söndag, april 01, 2007


Det blir en sjunde och avgörande match
på måndag för Modo och HV.
Jag trodde faktiskt inte att Modo skulle
greja det så det blev en glad överraskning!
Hoppas bara dom vinner i morron nu så
det blir en final för mitt favoritlag ;)

Jag har tagit en massa kort på
trädgårdsmässan men inte laddat upp dom
än så dom får ni vänta på tills i morron!
Då kommer dom!!

It´s going to be a seventh game between
Modo and HV71 (swedish hockey teams!)
Hockey is my favorite sport and this
time of year it´s the Swedish championship.
My fav team is Modo, wich is the motherclub
for Peter Forsberg, The Sedin twins,
Marcus Naeslund and many more talented
So if they win tomorrow they´re in
the finals!! Yay!!!

I took a lot of pictures at the
garden fair but I haven´t loaded them
on the pc yet.... will do tomorrow and then
you´ll see all the beautiful pictures!!

3 kommentarer:

gilraen sa...

We have very little Hockey here, but it is exciting. :)

Have you a picture of or link to your FairIsle Bag? I'd love to see it.

Piglottie sa...

Good luck to your team Maggan! We have a local team but they are not very good. MrP loves ice hockey but he tends to follow the NHL in the US/Canada.

Anonym sa...

Now, did Modo win??? I certainly had my fingers crossed for them, how great would it be if they'd really be in the finals! Yay for Modo!!!!