fredag, juni 15, 2007

Mystery stole 3

Så har man gått och anmält sej
till en KAL då ;)
Hörde talas om den här på
Webstrik-listan och kunde inte låta bli...
Det ska bli spännande ;)
Undrar vilket garn jag ska använda?

So I´ve joined a new KAL.
Heard about this on an mailinglist
that I´m a member of - Webstrik,
and couldn´t resist....
It´ll be exciting ;)
Wonder what yarn to use....?

6 kommentarer:

gilraen sa...

Me too Maggan! I'm not sure what to use either, or what colour to go for or whether to use beads. It is really exciting though :)

Anonym sa...

Måtte innom bloggen din å titte litt også når jeg først var her:))
Lykke til med KALèn..blir spennende å se resultatet:=)

Mranthe sa...

I'm also still trying to figure what yarn and beads, since I'm determined to work from stash... I'm glad to see a "familiar face" there -- I did the first Mystery, and didn't manage to finish the second (probably it wasn't the best idea to take such an involved pattern on a cross country trip), and I've high hopes for this one. Melanie's other designs are inspiring!...

Glad to share the ~alonging; I'm excited now to see yours develop as well! :*)

gilraen sa...

Have you a link to the yarn and beads Maggan? Black and gold sounds georgeous! :)

Anonym sa...

Maggan, that sounds pretty mysterious, I can hardly wait to see what it is becoming !!
Have a great weekend

Anonym sa...

Have fun with the KAL!