torsdag, juni 21, 2007

Stickning och Elizabeth I / knitting and Elizabeth I

English post further down.
Ja och då menar jag inte Elizabeth I
av A Starmore, som jag inte kommit
nån vart på än så länge.... ;)
Utan serien som gått i Kanal 1 nu
två kvällar i rad.
En underbar miniserie!!!
Och Helen Mirren
om Elizabeth var helt suverän!!
Ja, det var med stor behållning
jag tittade på den trots att den
gick så sent på kvällarna.

Jag har ännu inte fått garnet
från Britt så jag har inte kunnat
sticka någon provlapp.
Men jag hoppas det dyker upp snart.
Annars är det min Japansk Rib som
jag kämpar på med.
Är på min andra ärm nu men det
tar ju sån himla tid att sticka

Är ledig idag men jobbar sen
hela midsommarhelgen!!
Lite trist men jag behöver pengarna
så på det viset är det ju tur att jag
fick midsommarhelgen = storhelgs.ob!

And then I don´t mean Eliza I by
Alice Starmore... (haven´t knitted on
that for a while now...) but the
tv-serie with Helen Mirren as
Elizabeth I and Jeremy Irons as
Earl of Leicster.
A brilliant serie!! I just love
Helen Mirren and being really
interested in history I couldn´t
resist watching this and I didn´t
get dissapointed! ;)

I haven´t recieved my yarn for MS3 yet,
but I hope it´ll come any day now so
I can knit my sample to see what
needles to use.
I´m still struggling with Japansk Rib,
I´m on my second sleeve but it takes
so much time knitting in rib!!
Wonder if I´ll get it finished before
autumn? ;)

On friday it´s midsummer´s eve here
in Scandinavia!
In Sweden it´s the second biggest
holiday part from Christmas.
So almost everyone is free,
eating herrings and drinking schnapps ;)
dancing around the pole dressed up
with leaves and flowers and
having a good time!
Though I´m working....... all weekend
actually so there´ll be no
celebrating for me :(

4 kommentarer:

Rebecca sa...

I really want to see that Elizabeth movie.

I joined Mystery Shawl 3 too! I think I will be doing it, I have yarn I am eyeing and everything.

Enjoy your Midsummer, one of my friends has a big party every year but this year I will miss it because my mother is graduating.

SheepsPyjamas sa...

Since my MS3 has been preempted, I'll be hoping to watch your progress and enjoy the mystery second-hand (thanks for your encouragement on my blog, btw -- might just be enough to fan my own flagging interest in the shawl project :*)

... I enjoyed your description of Midsummer Eve -- I suspect we'll probably forego the herring and schnapps, but I might just do the pole, flowers and leaves with the kids, that sounds like a great tradition to begin... Working or no, enjoy your own Midsummer's........

gilraen sa...

Oh I'm a Tudour fan and a Jeremy Irons fan. I watche Eragon just to see him leap about in a manly fashion ;) :)

I will have to see that series then :)

Piglottie sa...

Your midsummer celebrations sound wonderful! Sorry to hear you will be at work :(